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Hormonal Healing

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About the Center for Hormonal Healing™

At the Center for Hormonal Healing™ in Birmingham, Alabama, we specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy. We provide the healthy alternative to the hormone therapy of the past.

Approach and Mission

Center for Hormonal Healing™ Birmingham, Alabama

"We have an extremely high success rate with our program. Women and men come from all walks of life and all age categories. Patients who follow our program find that they can look forward to greater energy, greater mental vitality and an overall brighter future emotionally and physically."

At our clinic, patients receive consultations regarding their health concerns with the primary focus being on natural hormone balancing. We do not prescribe synthetic or chemical hormones often used by other clinics.

At the Center for Hormonal Healing™, we focus on symptoms by listening to your concerns and thus determine the most effective way to balance your individual hormone levels. By evaluating a series of blood tests, we design and prescribe an individualized hormone replacement program. We currently treat men and women from 16 to 92 years of age. Common symptoms in women include osteoporosis, hot flashes, fatigue and hormonal weight gain. We also treat men who are experiencing symptoms of andropause (male menopause), loss of drive and energy, lowered libido and increased abdominal fat.

Having a healthy balance of hormones is critical to your overall well-being, and this is our specialty. Our philosophy is to create a wellness program that will also include nutritional analysis and modifications, whole-food dietary supplementation, personalized exercise programs and education regarding your pH balance.