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Do you have estrogen dominance (progesterone deficiency)?

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Progesterone Evaluation

Below are a list of symptoms and other factors most commonly found in people suffering from estrogen dominance (progesterone deficiency). Read each question carefully and check the box if it applies to you. The form will automatically calculate your score.

Evaluation Score

< 18 — It is unlikely that you have estrogen dominance. Please continue with your full evaluation.

> 18 — Estrogen dominance is likely. We recommend that you schedule a consultation.

I have premenstrual breast tenderness.

I have premenstrual mood swings.

I have premenstrual fluid retention and weight gain.

I have premenstrual migraine headaches.

I get very emotional 5-7 days before my period begins.

I have severe menstrual cramps.

I have heavy periods with clotting.

I you have or have you had uterine fibroids.

I have breast cysts.

I have problems with infertility.

I have had more than one miscarriage.

I have anxiety or panic attacks.