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Do you have low testosterone levels?

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Testosterone Evaluation

Below are a list of symptoms and other factors most commonly found in people suffering from low testosterone levels. Read each question carefully and check the box if it applies to you. The form will automatically calculate your score.

Evaluation Score

< 12 — It is unlikely that you have low testosterone levels. Please continue with your full evaluation.

> 12 — Low testosterone levels is likely. We recommend that you schedule a consultation.

My sex drive has decreased.

I lack the drive or assertiveness I once had.

My self-confidence has declined.

I have a difficult time making decisions.

My stamina and endurance have lessened.

I have lost muscle mass, strength or tone.

I have gained body fat around your waist.

I have elevated cholesterol.

My sexual ability has declined.

Men: I have difficultly obtaining or maintaining an erection.